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Charlene Trudeau, Owner
Nevar Lobo, Manager


Greetings and welcome to SkyBeam Estates!

SkyBeam Estates was born in December of 2006. It began as a single sim dream of building a quiet community of folks who liked the bright sunny hills of tuscany and has grown into a gorgeous community of over 30 regions since.

The regions are devoted to peaceful living around a small core of commercially oriented regions, including SkyBeam which hosts our privately supported but open to the public sandbox.

Personalized customer service is our primary concern. Need help deciding what the right land solution for you is? Afraid to ask questions that touch on other areas than SkyBeam? Don't worry, we're here to help and will be honest about your options, including those off estate! If you don't understand, you won't feel secure in your decision and that's not what we want for you.

Take a moment to find out about how SkyBeam's various locations can help afford you the opportunity to make your SL dreams come true.

Residential Sims:

SkyBeam Residential Sims offer a chance to wander through lush green woods and streams, or even enjoy the warm Tuscan sunsets from your own balcony. Each parcel offers you the opportunity to control your own land (terraform, ban, freeze/eject, music/media streams, etc), most have bonus prim allotments and all with competitive pricing and customer service. Best of all, you don't have to be a Second Life premium member to purchase on my estates.

Comerical Sims:

Skybeam Commercial Sims offer an unique experience for the business owner in SL. These parcels allow the owner to have control over their stores. Whether building a new business or expanding an established one. SkyBeam offers different sized parcels for your business to grow. These well traveled sims give you the chance to be a part of a growing community here in SL . All commercial parcels have standard prim count, reasonable purchase price and competitive weekly tier.

Dual Zoned Regions:

Skybeam Dual zoned regions let you live where you work, work where you play! YOU decide! Have a shop on the ground and your home in a skybox, or home on the ground and a shop in the sky, or shop and home on the ground. Its all up to you!


SkyBeam Homesteads are premium areas for selected leasing. New ones can be purchased with a non-refundable up front 'right to lease' payment. If SkyBeam Estates is your home of choice and you desire a homestead, please inquire and we can discuss the current pricing. Rarely, an existing homestead may be available for immediate lease and occupancy, generally by inquiry only, so don't hesitate to ask!

Start your journey here:


Some useful reading material for anyone considering a real estate purchase in Second Life (also available from our SkyBeam Answers page):

I would like to encourage you to contact me so that we can meet prior to purchasing on my estates. I think its important that all my residents feel comfortable with me as an estate owner and I'm not certain any documents I can hand out to you, however well prepared I might attempt to make them, can fully confey who I am and what I offer.

Please feel free to IM at any time with questions or to meet me. I'm on many hours a day, so I should be able to get back to you quickly.

Charlene Trudeau
SkyBeam Estates